talk dirty to me
nice dick
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this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day


Haha yeah please stop unfollowing me

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dang girl, you’ll make the prettiest flowers once your body rots into the earth.

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I scare everyone away because I’m sarcastic 24 hours a day and they can’t handle it so I become annoying


You know what, I’m done with people saying “even if you don’t hang out you are still friends” no frick you. Frick you frick you frick you. Friends hang out, friends talk, friends put their damn phones away and pay attention to their other friend. Friends communicate. They ACTUALLY pay attention. They listen to every detail of your life and never think it’s boring. They care. They really care. And they keep wanting to know more so they keep hanging around you. Friends make you a priority. Friends are fucking forever, and they would jump Infront of a train for you. Heck they’ve even planned your future together! Friends ask you for coffee In the morning and call you at 4am just to talk or cry or sit in silence knowing their friend is there and it feels amazing knowing someone is so close to you that you’re basically inseparable. Friends are there no matter what, and if you do none of that then you are a fake fucking friend. Friends do not hang out With you one day then fuck off for weeks on end, friends are constant. Constant in everything.

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